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You've been there: finding and hiring top talent is hard. We make it simple thanks to a pre-vetted community, unique talent data and an agent model.

You are as good as your Talent

Top talent who fit your culture can be up to 8x more productive* than an average performer. Novas make the difference between growth and stagnation. Are you ready to hire Novas?
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Access a pre-vetted pool of talent and focus your resources on attracting and hiring only the very best.


Reduce your time and cost per hire significantly leveraging our unique data and our members' trust.


Become top of mind, build your Employer Brand while hiring and creating a pipeline of the most demanded profiles.


Quality over quantity

Top talent can be up to 8x more productive than average performers when dealing with complexity.

Focus on candidates who belong to the top 3% based on our holistic selection process.

Go beyond sourcing and vetting, focus on ensuring the overall fit of the best candidates.

Carl Satterfield
Currently at Amazon
Ucy Chan
Currently at Spotify
Marta Domínguez
Currently at BBVA
Cristina Mateo
Sending you Carl's video interview, he really impressed us! He also has more than 7 years in similar positions... he's a very interesting option!


Save time and costs per hire

Don't waste your time filtering tons of irrelevant applications, we have done the hard work for you.

Increase your success ratio by up to 30x vs. LinkedIn or massive sources thanks to our quality.

Reduce cost per hire up to 50% vs. traditional headhunters thanks to our unique business model.


Build your Employer Brand

Be always top of mind among the most sought after talent thanks to targeted communication.

Measure your employer brand efforts' ROI and turn those insights into action plans.

Build relationships and a solid talent pipeline so you will never run short on talent.

EY Talent Pool
Sweden · 1005 members
Novartis Talent Pool
Spain · 945 members
Your Company Talent Pool
Italy · 1,072 members
You got 133 new members!
Average days to present a candidates' shortlist
Offers/Candidates ratio versus other sources
Of shortlisted candidates
are interviewed

Our definition of Top Talent

Our algorithm, supervised and trained by human reviewers, weights in all the information and ensures that each Nova belongs to the best 3% in their field of expertise. This ensures that all the interactions taking place in the network are highly valuable.

Distinguished background

Outstanding education, professional and international experience.

In demand competences

Communication, team-work, leadership, languages and adaptability.

Personal traits

Drive, curiosity, humbleness, desire to make a positive impact in the world.

Logical reasoning and IQ

Strong problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

A holistic selection process

As opposed to typical selection processes where applicants are rejected in each stage, our assessment model is holistic and takes into account 200+ data points per candidate.


Members are granted a limited amount of nominations to invest during the year on people they regard as top talent. Receiving a nomination is already a great token of appreciation and, together with the Nova 111 list, is the only way people can apply to the Nova network.


We carefully look at candidate’s professional, educational and international experiences including their languages proficiency. We strongly value extra-curricular and volunteering activities as a sign of drive and sense of care for the greater good. This takes candidates between 5 and 15 minutes.


During the process, we ask candidates to provide up to 3 references who can vouch for them as top talent. The algorithms takes into account the strength of the connection, therefore being vouched by a manager has more importance than a friend. This takes between 1 and 3 minutes.


We rely on various tests to get an in-depth look at each candidates' ability. We test for personality (based on the “Big 5” model) and cognitive ability (IQ) , where candidates have to prove their logic and numeric reasoning skills in an inference-based assessment. This takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Video interview

People are more than just their resume and IQ, this is why we also require a video interview where we assess 6 of the most demanded competencies: drive, leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, self-awareness, and communication. This takes candidates between 6 and 12 minutes.

Trusted by leading companies

We help 100+ leading organizations attract and hire the best talent.

Helping Forefront attract, hire and train top talent

Forefront Consulting needed to attract, hire, and train top talent for their Graduate Programs. Nova supported them in increasing visibility and attracting quality candidates, as well as managing the end-to-end assessment process.

EasyHire expands globally with Top Talent

As part of EasyHire global expansion, they needed to hire innovative and highly skilled Country Managers to lead local teams and build brand identity.

Bigblue builds a “dream team” with Nova

As part of Bigblue's international expansion, they needed to hire a "dream team" that will lead their growth in Spain and achieve the goal of handling one million shipments for their first year in the country.

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