EasyHire expands globally with Top Talent

Challenges and objective

  • EasyHire needed to target new talent profiles as one of their main objectives was to grow internationally and expand quickly in the Italian and Spanish markets, becoming the world’s go-to hire destination for construction equipment
  • They were looking for innovative and highly skilled Country Managers who knew the market and were able to recruit, train and lead the local teams while having full responsibility for the country
  • They needed to build their brand identity both in Italy, as easyNoleggio, and in Spain, as easyAlquiler, while strengthening their presence in both countries

Solution implemented

During this partnership, we worked alongside easyHire to achieve the following:

  • Successfully hire two Country Managers in key markets in 36 days
  • Match the roles with the most suitable Nova members by running targeted campaigns to a pre-matched talent audience from the network


Country Managers hired in Spain and Italy
days to close both CM positions

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