Bigblue builds a “dream team” with Nova

Challenges and objective

  • After having stable growth in France, the company decided to take the first steps towards international growth. They decided that Spain is the first market to move into as part of its internationalization strategy.
  • Bigblue had the challenge of forming a team of 2 people that will lead the first steps of the company in Spain.
  • They needed individuals who know the Spanish market, who have the right cultural fit, and who can take the challenge of making Bigblue a strong player in the fulfillment industry in Spain.
Tim Dumain
Co-Founder and CEO at Bigblue

“Frankly guys, you are the best hiring agency I had the chance to work with.”

Solution implemented

During this partnership, we worked alongside Bigblue to help them:

  • Successfully hire 2 key people they were looking for
  • Match the role with the most suitable Nova members
  • Interview and vet 24 candidates within 2 weeks

Once Nova helped Bigblue build their team in Spain, we moved on to find the right people in the UK as well as other key positions in Spain.


Hired the team leading Bigblue's internationalization in Spain

Top talent hired
Valid candidates who followed the process

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