Helping Forefront attract, hire and train top talent

Challenges and objective

  • Forefront Consulting is a growing Management Consulting firm based in Sweden
  • Despite having a great Graduate Program, the company's employer brand was not strong enough to attract Nova-quality candidates
  • Additionally, their current capabilities and technology were insufficient to assess the candidates effectively
  • Lastly, they needed external support to train the new hires in basic skills, such as Excel and slide-writing, to improve their performance and increase their loyalty to Forefront

Listen to Anna, our contact person at Forefront, talking about her experience with us.

Anna Gestblom Bottner
Talent Acquisition Manager at Forefront Consulting

Since we started collaborating with Nova, we've noticed a significant difference in the way our brand is perceived and how it reaches the right talent pool. This has made an enormous difference in the quality of our candidates.

Solution implemented

Employer Branding solutions to attract talent:

  • Forefront partnered with the Nova 111 List in Sweden, positioning itself as a top employer within management consultancy. This allowed them to boost their visibility and attract top-quality candidates more rapidly.
  • An Employer Branding Event was organized with Nova to proactively reach potential candidates for their graduate program.
  • We supported them in actively searching (via Nova and LinkedIn) for 700+ candidates to boost the number of relevant applications for the program.

End-to-end management of assessment:

  • E2E management of assessment based on scientifically proven selection methods with a customized online platform.
  • Nova selected the best 90 candidates for the final rounds at Forefront.

Launch of Training & Development program:

  • Program with 8 live sessions for graduates to improve performance and create a tighter bond with the other trainees and towards Forefront.


hires in 3 months
increase of relevant candidates

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