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Posting on massive platforms

You are screening the wrong CVs

The job market has changed, and relying solely on massive job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed to find the best talent is no longer effective. It’s time to rethink your hiring strategy.

You are dealing with an overwhelming workload of applicants to be screened (+250 applicants)

You end up having a shortage of quality candidates (only 2% of quality applicants)

You are invisible to passive candidates

Lack of quality in the candidates.
Only the 3% are valid applicants!
Up to 30x success ratio

Posting on Nova

Access to the top 3%

Nova is the smartest way to hire top talent. Our platform focuses only on pre-vetted candidates who have passed a rigorous and holistic selection process, ensuring that you meet the most qualified individuals for the job.

Receive applications from the top 3%

Stop wasting time screening low-quality applications

Start being visible for passive candidates

How to start posting

Once you have submitted your job opportunity, the team will review it and grant you access to post it through Nova in case it is approved.


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Review and approval

We want to make sure that your job meets our quality standards and is relevant to our community. In less than 24h our team will review it and get back to you.

Access your candidates

You'll have immediate access to the Nova platform. From there, you will easily edit your job and review applicants as they come in.

Needing a headhunting-level service?

If you want our team to take care of the full process from job publication to convincing candidates and asessing the best ones, choose our Premium Search.