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The best Investment professionals are also Novas

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The best Sales professionals are also Novas

The best Consultants are also Novas

The best Software Developers are also Novas

The best Recent Graduates are also Novas

The future belongs to those who dare to dream big and work hard. That's why we've brought together a community of the best recent graduates, to accompany and encourage them in their first career steps.

Jacobo Miralles
Nova Member
Head of Product at Cobee
Nova Product Managers are also in
Matthias Hetzenecker
Nova Member
Private Equity Analyst at BlackRock
Nova investment professionals are also in
Begüm Kerey
Nova Member
AI Specialist at King
Nova data scientists are also in
Head of Marketing
Nova Member
Head of Marketing, Social Impact & Sustainability Programs at Amazon
Nova marketing professionals are also in
Anna Llopis
Nova Member
Project Manager at BCG
Nova consultants are also in
Mihaela Petrova
Nova Member
IT Manager at P&G
Nova Software Developers are also in
Julia Berndtsson
Nova Member
Princeton Graduate
Nova recent graduates are also in
Nicolò Moschi
Nova Member
Account Executive at Google
Nova sales professionals are also in

How do we know they are the best

Driven Students

At Nova, we're constantly seeking recent graduates with a passion for innovation and a desire to kickstart their careers in any field. We firmly believe that diversity in backgrounds and experiences leads to the best ideas and solutions. Our selection process is designed to identify the most promising candidates and provide them with the resources and support to develop their skills and knowledge, ultimately setting them up for success in their chosen profession.

Constant Development

Great critical thinkers are not born, but rather developed through experience and practice. That's why our selection process is designed to identify candidates with strong critical thinking skills and provide them with opportunities to further enhance those skills. We recognize the value of this skillset across all professions and industries, and we're committed to helping our community members become exceptional critical thinkers in their respective fields.

A Prioritized Skill

Great communication skills are critical for any recent graduate aiming to excel in their professional career. At Nova, we recognize the significance of effective communication in building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders across diverse industries. That's why we prioritize this essential skill when selecting top talent to join our community. We provide various opportunities and resources to help recent graduates enhance their communication skills, enabling them to thrive in any field they choose to pursue.

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At Nova, we are dedicated to helping you find the best talent for your needs, no matter the seniority level. With our AI-powered platform, we can quickly and accurately match you with members of our community who possess the skills and experience you require.

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