The Nova Model

Novas are vetted via a 5-steps process that evaluates logical reasoning, academic/professional achievements, emotional intelligence, personality and leadership.

Our definition of Top Talent

Our algorithm, supervised and trained by human reviewers, weights in all the information and ensures that each Nova belongs to the best 3% in their field of expertise. This ensures that all the interactions taking place in the network are highly valuable.

Distinguished background

Outstanding education, professional and international experience.

In demand competences

Communication, team-work, leadership, languages and adaptability.

Personal traits

Drive, curiosity, humbleness, desire to make a positive impact in the world.

Logical reasoning and IQ

Strong problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

A holistic selection process

As opposed to typical selection processes where applicants are rejected in each stage, our assessment model is holistic and takes into account 200+ data points per candidate.


Members are granted a limited amount of nominations to invest during the year on people they regard as top talent. Receiving a nomination is already a great token of appreciation and, together with the Nova 111 list, is the only way people can apply to the Nova network.


We carefully look at candidate’s professional, educational and international experiences including their languages proficiency. We strongly value extra-curricular and volunteering activities as a sign of drive and sense of care for the greater good. This takes candidates between 5 and 15 minutes.


During the process, we ask candidates to provide up to 3 references who can vouch for them as top talent. The algorithms takes into account the strength of the connection, therefore being vouched by a manager has more importance than a friend. This takes between 1 and 3 minutes.


We rely on various tests to get an in-depth look at each candidates' ability. We test for personality (based on the “Big 5” model) and cognitive ability (IQ) , where candidates have to prove their logic and numeric reasoning skills in an inference-based assessment. This takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Video interview

People are more than just their resume and IQ, this is why we also require a video interview where we assess 6 of the most demanded competencies: drive, leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, self-awareness, and communication. This takes candidates between 6 and 12 minutes.

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