Novartis changes its main source of Top Talent

Challenges and objective

  • Novartis traditionally hired via MBA schools for future company leader rotational programs
  • Novartis wanted to diversify sources and types of talent, to access more digital profiles coming from new backgrounds
  • Novartis wanted to position themselves as the most attractive Pharmaceutical company in Spain for top talent
  • Novartis would like to reduce cost per hire

Solution implemented

Developed an off-line and on-line repositioning strategy to attract different talent and position themselves more attractively while reducing costs:

  • Created a recurring event for rotational program to attract different types of talent and access digital profiles from different backgrounds
  • Developed a Talent Pool to attract top talent interested in Novartis and promote activities and events for Novas interested in Novartis.
  • Joined the Nova 111 List as an exclusive Healthcare partner and reinforced its brand as the most attractive Pharma company in Spain for top talent.


Improved branding and positioning for top talent in Spain

Hires for the rotational program come from Nova since 2019
#Members who joined Talent Pool in the last 2 years

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