J&T fuels hypergrowth with Nova

Challenges and objective

  • Scaling organization which grows from 100 to +500 employees in 2 years.
  • J&T wanted to be positioned as the most attractive tech startup, in order to attract candidates and boost visibility of internal talent
  • Hire Nova-quality profiles for key positions in their home country (Spain) as well as for some roles in other countries.

Solution implemented

Developed a more strategic point-of-view regarding their positioning, attraction and selection process targeting top talent.

  • Recruiting of Project Managers for German, Swedish and French markets for the Operations Team as well as Strategy and Finance profiles for HQ roles.
  • Became partners of the Nova 111 list, positioning J&T as one of the coolest scale-ups in Spain. This is allowing them to boost visibility and attract top quality candidates more rapidly.
  • Organized a Nova Session to attract top talent, where they gathered high quality candidates from a variety of different backgrounds which could fit in the positions they were looking for.
  • Participated in the Nova 111 list, positioning J&T as an attractive company in the  sector. This allowed them to boost visibility and attract candidates.


Improvement on brand perception and attracting external candidates

#Novas with positive Employer Brand perception
#Nova candidates in 1 year

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