Auto1 grows the team in Spain

Challenges and objective

  • Auto1 needed to target new talent profiles as one of their main objectives was to grow in the Spanish market in a short time period
  • One of the main concerns was how to hire top talent in a non-attractive industry, such as the second-hand car market
  • They had a small time frame of 6 months, in order to attract 4 Project Managers and 2 Team Leaders

Solution implemented

Developed an off-line and on-line repositioning strategy to start appealing to the targeted talent: 

  • Assigned a dedicated Project Manager to carry the ideal approach to objectives
  • Posted a publication on Nova Connect to promote brand awareness and positioning
  • Targeted campaigns to a pre-matched talent audience from the network
  • Extensive search involving Nova Network, referrals and other talent pools


Attracted desired top talent under a time constraint

Top talent hired in 6 months
Average # of days to receive interviewed candidates

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