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Leverage your Employer Branding to nurture the Talent Acquisition process

August 23, 2022

In the past years, we have experienced a global pandemic, war, and interest rates are rising as a result of one of the highest inflation rates of the last few decades… The world has changed more than we could’ve imagined. Nevertheless, top talent is a continuously scarce resource (discover more about our definition of talent!).

With sometimes multiple offers on the table, the words of JFK are cast aside by the candidate, and recruiters are instead facing the question “What can you do for me?”. Let’s take a deep dive into how employer branding can help you answer this question and, consequentlynurture your Talent Acquisition process.

What can you do for your employees? Your Employer Value Proposition

Aside from the obvious negative, short-term outcomes of this situation, there are some positive long-term aspects to take into consideration. Once, as an employer, you are forced to face this kind of questions, you are also forced to evaluate, or in the best case re-evaluate, your Employer Value Proposition - asking yourself how you can make your company more attractive for talent. Unfortunately during the past year, I’ve noticed that this work, to a large extent, is being done in silos, with the departments involved - Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition - not communicating with each other. And this is true for the largest, most evolved organizations as well as for the smaller scale-ups and startups that are still under development.

How do Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition affect each other

Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition are two departments that too often run in parallel, without coming in contact, with a big loss in the effectiveness of the process of attracting and maintaining the best talent.

Indeed, there is so much that these two functions can do for each other in order to achieve a long-term solution to effective and sustainable growth in human capital, making your company the place to go for talent.

Here are two simple actions you can take, to make sure the Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition team create value for each other - and for your company!


The Employer Branding team works on improving the company’s EVP in the long term.

In this case, the Employer Branding team can draw several invaluable insights from the Talent Acquisition team, who is closer to the candidates and knows what they are looking for. Insights that will be pivotal in building and communicating a powerful EVP, for example by creating platforms or events to showcase it.


Talent Acquisition focuses on the active search to fill open positions in the short run.

The team, from its side, can create pools in which to nurture the relationships with the talent that comes out of those Employer Branding events, -ads, or -communications, whether they be passive on the job market or actively looking for new opportunities.

By working this way, employers will be able to have a larger, stronger, and better-informed pipeline of candidates, to bring into the process when a new role opens up. And when the candidates, especially the ones who are passive on the job market, decide that it is time for a new challenge they will know exactly where to turn. And ultimately, cooperation between Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition will help you as a company, large or small, attract, hire and maintain the best talent, making you the place to go for them.

Discover how Nova can help you in this journey!

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