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What happens when top talent meet?

September 1, 2022

Get ready because we are going to share some insight into what happens when Novas meet other Novas in the unique environment that is the Nova Experience.

At Nova, we have spent years designing a selection process that assesses a person's potential comprehensively and in a non-biased manner (read more). We believe to have found the perfect recipe to scout talent, not just based on our members' performance in the workplace, but also on what we witness at events such as the Nova Experience: a 3 days event where our members meet each other, outside of space and time, on a chosen island. We started with the first edition on an island in the Stockholm Archipelago and then moved south to Mallorca for the Nova Experience 2022 in October.

The Nova Experience is an event format we designed according to the best practices in the field of facilitation and hosting, merged with our deep knowledge of top talent needs. Today the Nova Experience is the most popular and selective Nova event ever organized, with more than 600 members who have applied throughout the years. Only 37 participants per year are selected, creating the most diverse and motivated group of people. Last year we had members coming from 15 nationalities, 11 different industries, and all levels of seniority. But let's get to the core of it; what happens when the Novas meet in such a unique environment? ⬇️

Here are 4 recurring outcomes we have observed over the years at the Nova Experience:

  1. Members change their path in life

At the Nova Experience, we start from scratch. Regardless of members' seniority or background, the participants are part of the same journey, which starts at the foundation of everyone's life: our own values. As we move throughout the different sessions, the members gain an increased level of self-awareness. We have seen many of our members realizing that they were not achieving their full potential, soon after deciding to move on and take on new challenges. They know that both other members and we (as Nova) will be taking care of them during the journey.

  1. New ventures are created

The Nova Experience includes different sessions where the members have the chance to work on ideas or projects they have never had the time and chance to bring to life. Is there a better opportunity to do this than when you are surrounded by some of the smartest and most driven individuals who are fully present in the moment? Ideas get shaped and co-developed on the island and sooner than later turn into real ventures.

  1. Members connect with global members and access unique opportunities

We all know how hard is to meet the right people. The kind of people you can have meaningful conversations with. Now, imagine getting into a room where there are 37 people you would not have had the chance otherwise to meet, due to geographical or professional distance, who have been preselected to ensure the best mix of competencies, motivation, and background diversity… If you keep imagining this group of people out of society, living on a remote island for three days outside of typical frameworks and biases you can quickly grasp the uniqueness of the Nova Experience.

  1. Best practices are shared across industries and applied in new contexts

When open discussions happen, it is striking to observe how different perspectives come together to address a challenge or push a dialogue forward. There is no doubt that the Nova Experience enhances this dynamic even further due to the extended time these individuals spend together both in co-creation sessions and relaxing moments. During the weeks after the Nova Experience, many of the members have been sharing how the tools they have experienced or the advice they have exchanged at the Nova Experience were implemented in their companies.

To conclude, we believe that the Nova Experience, above all, is the place where the essence of the Nova network comes into life in a concentrated form. Our members reflect in a facilitated environment where the true power of globalization and diversity comes to play. In times when we all tend to move faster and run in directions which we often forget to question, the Nova Experience is, and will always be, that sweet spot, out of space and time, where to slow down, connect with a whole new world of opportunities, but most importantly with that one person you really need to meet every now and then: yourself.

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