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#NovaMoment with Eva Salas de Diego

July 28, 2021

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from HAN University of Applied Sciences and an MBA from Talento Farmacéutico y Sanitario Business School, Eva Salas de Diego looks forward to growing professionally in the Pharmaceutical sector alongside Nova. During her MBA, she was class president and also joined Farma Leaders Talento, a platform with which Nova has collaborated. Just before finishing her studies, she joined Nova Talent as a Member, which has given her the opportunity to meet and connect with many professionals living around the Barcelona area, from a variety of industries, and who share her passion for traveling. Today she currently works in Sanofi doing an Italian graduate program.

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with her about how she has been involved in different initiatives from Nova, her experience as a Member, and how we have delivered on our pillars of #Connect, #Develop, and #Accelerate.

Hi Eva, it’s so nice to meet you! We are happy to talk with you and to get to know your story as a Nova Member, your #NovaMoment, or those “aha moments” where Novas find the true value of the network. To begin with, I know that you have been a member for over a year now, and I wanted to know, how did you first hear about Nova?

When I was finishing my MBA, I became a member of a platform called Farma Leaders Talento. At the time I joined FMT, this organization was having a collaboration with Nova because one of the founders is a Nova Member. This was first announced on the Farma Leaders Talento Instagram stories and I was very curious about the initiative, so I applied for a spot to be nominated as a Nova Member. The selection process I underwent was easy to understand with clear instructions and with interesting questions, some of which I was never asked of before. A week or so later I was very happy to know that I was becoming a Nova Member, and thus I started my journey with Nova.

From that Instagram, you saw and the initial investigation you did on Nova, what attracted you the most about the Network?

I would definitely say the activities you do and the people you can find in the Network from either the pharma sector or from other sectors.

Now that I’ve been a Member for some time, I can add that something really attractive from the network is that you can connect with people with diverse backgrounds, different ideas, and with great ambition, who also have a good attitude towards developing their careers in the best way possible.

Since you joined Nova, as compared to previous experiences, do you find it easier to develop yourself personally and professionally?

Before joining Nova I didn’t know many opportunities in which I can improve my skills and grow in my career. I was honestly just using LinkedIn to network and find some job positions. But I was missing a more personalized platform that accompanies your development. At Nova, you can find a lot of great resources to help you grow in your professional and personal life.

“You can connect with people with diverse backgrounds, different ideas, and with great ambition, who also have a good attitude towards developing their careers in the best way possible."

Which are some of the ways in which we have helped you improve your professional network or develop personally or professionally?

I will say that you have many programs that can help you in your development. One in which I am a frequent user is Nova Gravity. Gravity is great because every Wednesday you get paired with other Nova Members from a diversity of backgrounds to have a 30-minute conversation.

Through Gravity I have had some of the most interesting conversations, and with people from different places in the world. Something that has surprised me about it is that even though it is the first time you are meeting the person on the other side of the screen it is easy to connect because there is something about being part of Nova: people are open to share and listen to each other’s stories. Only by having an open conversation and learning from other’s development or points of view, you have a rich opportunity where you can grow personally and professionally.

One time I got paired up with a Nova Member called Beatriz, who is doing a health and sports-related startup. Just from the conversation we had, I started asking myself important questions I have never asked myself before. For example, can I be an entrepreneur in the pharma industry? How do people like Beatriz get to the point where they are now? What does it mean to be successful?

I know you have also participated in other programs, such as the Nova Mentoring Program. I wanted to know, what did you find particularly good about this program?

The way participants are matched is so good! From my experience, somehow you end up feeling identified with the different stories and experiences from the other people in your mentor-mentee group. My group got really comfortable around each other, that we were sharing our daily experiences, feelings, and more. I am still impressed that even though the first day we didn’t know one another, it already felt kind of familiar because we had Nova as our strongest point in common. Plus, we all wanted to learn from our mentor, who is also a Nova 111 winner.

I think another winning point for the Mentoring Program is that you get to know people from different backgrounds in a safe environment that allows you to notice the many similarities job positions have, such as developing client relationships, managing the ones with your superiors, and the need to have the right mechanisms to cope with stress.

Last, I will highlight that the sessions in the Mentoring Program are well thought of and useful. One of my favorite sessions was in communications skills. We had an exercise in which we practiced how to better communicate at our job. For it, I had to prepare a PPT and explain a topic to the other mentees. This task has helped me greatly in my development because the feedback I received from my body language, tone, and pace has helped me to better prepare for presentations for my job. It was a very good experience that I would totally recommend to anyone.

“Only by having an open conversation and learning from other's development or point of view, you have a rich opportunity where you can grow personally and professionally.”

Do you have any anecdotes or special moments of your experience as a member?

I think a very special moment in which I could live the strength of the Network was some weeks ago in an impromptu meetup in Barcelona. This was crazy because it started with the Spanish Talent Manager, Cristina Mateo, sending a text message saying that she was coming to the city for a few days. Then, from there, a lot of Novas got excited and decided to meet up. Although I didn’t personally know anyone else who was coming to the event, I decided to go.

I was a bit afraid I was not going to be able to spot the Novas at the restaurant we are meeting. Nevertheless, when I arrived, I saw a group of 10 people who were already talking and getting to know each other. Yes, at the beginning it was somewhat nerve-racking and awkward, but quickly I started sensing such a good feeling between us, and I felt like we were all some old friends getting together. It was a very good experience, everyone was so nice, and one thing I could notice of every Nova is that they are all so open and easy-going.

What has surprised you the most or made you the happiest about being a Nova Member?

Definitely people’s openness, approachable, and always happy to help each other.

In a few words, how would you describe the resources to develop, connect and accelerate that you find in Nova?

For open-minded people, allowing talent development and evolution, interaction, and networking.

Can you describe Nova in 3 words?

Talent, support, and evolution towards the future.

And, which role does Nova have in your life now?

It’s a really helpful tool for both professional and personal development, and to network. Through Nova, I have been able to know people professionally, and I have also made friends.

In Nova, you can find people as ambitious as you are, and as open as you are, which somehow translates into creating a stronger connection within the Members.

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