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How would your life be if you had an agent?

June 29, 2022

You might be reading this while you are considering changing jobs; at the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey or you’ve just graduated and you are discovering the right first career step for you. Regardless of the specific life moment you are in, I can tell you that you need a Talent Agent.

Wait, what? Yes, this concept might be new to people in business and technology but to athletes and artists, it is not. To make sure we are on the same page let me tell you what a Talent Agent at Nova is and why we’ve designed such a service for our members.

Some data to start

During the last decade, the world has dramatically changed on multiple levels and the areas of careers and personal development haven’t been left out. Starting from your personal development, the skills you’ve acquired will lose significant value in a matter of 5 years requiring you to be constantly learning and upskilling yourself.

Careers have also changed, as global opportunities increase it’s harder than ever before to have access to the right information at the right time and take the best decisions. This is resulting in the creation of a “messy middle of life and careers” that looks like the picture below. This situation is even more applicable if you are a highly demanded top talent (read more about our definition).

In fact, if you are a talented individual whose skills are highly demanded, you will soon realize that in order to optimize your choices and navigate such a complex world towards your self-realization you can benefit, tremendously, from someone by your side who can guide you through it.

Talent Agent + Global community = 🦸‍♀️🤯🚀

You’re now probably thinking “career coaches have been around for decades, why are you talking about an Agent?”. This is where things get interesting. There are plenty of exceptional individuals out there working as coaches and psychologists and I have personally benefited from those significantly. However, when it comes to careers and professional development, what we felt was missing was somebody who through data and technology could provide top talented individuals with exactly what they need at the right time.

Broadly speaking, there are no individual professionals today who can leverage the superpower of a global community to accelerate your development and career. Some of them can draw from their own resources and networks but that has obvious limitations and often a hefty price tag.

Now, bringing it all together, you should be able to better understand who a Talent Agent at Nova is:

A Talent Agent is a dedicated and trained talent expert that works with you to help you set and reach your personal and professional goals by leveraging the full power of the Nova network.

If you are a Nova member these are some practical examples of what a Talent Agent can do for you:

  • Define tailored development paths so you can be more attractive in the job market and earn a higher salary
  • Assess your overall well-being and provide you with the tools needed to conduct a happier and fulfilling life
  • Receive personal introductions to the right members worldwide who match your interests and life goals
  • Find the right mentor who will guide you for a few months
  • Introduce you to members working at the company of your dreams to receive insider information about culture, selection process, and more
  • Provide you with accurate salary benchmarks anytime you need to negotiate your salary, being that for an internal promotion or a new job
  • Filter and assess your job offers before you even have to waste time on unsolicited recruiters’ requests (see INBOX)

...and much more!

A new era for networking, development and career

At Nova we are very excited to lead the way as we build a powerful new way of approaching networking, personal development, and careers by being able to leverage data, technology and our distinctive human touch that will never fade away.

We look forward to supporting more and more members in navigating their life and careers and reaching their self-actualization way faster thanks to a dedicated agent by their side.

If you want to know more about what is being built behind the scenes or you’d like to learn more about how a life with an agent feels like, we are one message away.

And if you are a Nova member and haven’t scheduled yet a session with your Talent Agent you can do so in the “My Talent Agent” section in Nova Connect to start planning your own development journey.

To the stars and beyond. 🌟

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