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How subscription-based recruitment will help you attract and hire the best talent

July 21, 2022

“Why do you work with a subscription model?”. This is one of the most frequent questions potential partners ask me when I introduce Nova’s pricing plans. In this article, I will explain how subscription-based recruitment is the right choice if you want to attract and hire the best talent.

Global talent shortage: how companies need to be proactive in attracting talent

In a world where more than 70% of global employers are struggling to attract and hire the right talent, the competition among companies has increased dramatically, causing what is called the war for talent. Now more than ever, employers need to constantly communicate their identity and convince the best talent to choose them versus many other alternatives. This has made recruitment a proactive effort rather than a reactive one when a vacancy opens up.

Global Talent Shortages - The difficulties of finding talent
Global Talent Shortages

What is subscription-based recruitment?

Recruiting process requires expertise, skills, time, and administration. As we just saw, attracting and hiring the best talent is becoming more challenging every time. That is why many companies decide to outsource this specific task. Over recent years, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing model has been adapted, with a rise of subscription-based recruitment services.

In subscription-based recruitment, recruitment is a service. Subscription-based recruitment works the same as other subscription models. To use the service, you have to pay a monthly fee. Based on the subscription plan you choose, you will get access to a certain number of placements per month/year, and other on-demand services. Subscription-based recruitment allows you to tell all your hiring needs and conditions to the company you are subscribed to and not worry about the recruitment process.

But that is not all.

The long-term benefits of a subscription model

With talent holding the whip hand, for an employer it is extremely important to work on its employer branding: being perceived as an attractive company and working on the Employer Value Proposition is crucial to attract, hire and retain the best talent. Many times, companies focus on the consumer-facing brand, that is how your company is perceived by customers and prospects. Yet, an equal focus has to be on the employer brand.

Here is where the subscription model in recruiting can make the difference. By asking employers to commit to our services for a period of time, we have the opportunity to work not only on short-term objectives (filling a position), but also to build your value proposition as an employer and communicate it to the best talent. It’s important not to view hiring as a one-time thing when you need to fill a position; it’s an ongoing process based on building and maintaining your employer brand. It’s a proactive effort, not a reactive one: work on how your brand is perceived by (present and future) employees and you will attract talent at no extra cost. These are the long-term benefits of a subscription-based recruitment model.

A network of pre-selected top talent to talk to

This is why we have a monthly subscription so our partners can constantly work on improving their employer brand via targeted digital campaigns, online and offline events, presence on our digital platform, and much more. And they can do that by addressing directly a cohort of pre-selected top talent. By being a Nova partner, a company is constantly exposed to our network of 13.000+ European top talent and it has the opportunity to share with a highly relevant audience its messages, show them of what a career at the company looks like, and build a long-lasting relationship.

So, next time you are wondering why we have subscription-based recruitment, you know that this is what allows us to help you, as an employer, have access and visibility to the market’s most demanded talent, so you can ultimately attract and hire the best one.

If you are wondering how you can benefit from our subscription model, explore our packages and see how we can help you!

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