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6 tips on how to craft the perfect CV

February 23, 2023

Having a well-crafted, comprehensive CV is essential for getting noticed by recruiters and employers. But what makes a successful CV? To help job seekers craft the perfect CV and land their ideal role, here are some actionable tips that can make all the difference! 💡 Read on for the bonus tip!

As experts in top talent, we firmly believe that there is more to a person than just their CV. But while you wait for the chance to demonstrate to your dream company’s recruiter how great a leader and professional you are, let’s begin your job search journey with an outstanding CV. If this is your first foray into making an impression, following these six tips can give you the starting power needed to compete against hundreds of other applicants!

1. Include key information at the top

Include contact information like name and designation at the top of your CV, alongside keywords related to industry buzzwords that accurately describe your expertise or background. This way, recruiters can easily spot them when selecting potential applicants from large pools of aspirants.

2. Find the keywords that work for you

Use keywords relevant to the industry/role you’re applying for throughout the entire CV. If space allows, make these phrases bolded so they stand out from the rest of the text. This can help your CV stand out and can also help automated pre-screening processes.

Tip: Have a look at the descriptions of your favorite jobs, note some of the keywords they use to describe the role, and incorporate them in your CV!

3. Focus less on yourself and think about the bigger picture

Tailor your enthusiasm to all roles listed without appearing too eager. Employers appreciate leaders who are passionate about achieving goals! Focus less on yourself and think about the bigger picture. Convey how your potential offers are directly related to the business's desired objectives.

4. Be concise

Your aim with any application document should be to say more with fewer words. Concentrate on demonstrating how each role developed new skills and proficiencies, rather than listing out irrelevant details like university modules studied, etc. Avoid acronyms from previous companies you’ve worked for.

Tip: If the CV of the former president of the USA, Barack H. Obama, was one page, yours should not occupy more. If you think that all the information you need to put does not fit, decrease the margins, the font size, and the line spacing.

5. Keep your layout simple

Avoid using too much text; use bullet points instead, which make it easier to skim through information. Choose the same font type and size for the same content throughout your document, as well as selective colors. Aim for an average of no more than seven lines per section, including titles and descriptions.

6. Spelling and grammar check

Make sure you check your CV carefully for any typos and mistakes in grammar. You might even want to ask a friend or relative to look it over for you.

Tip: You can use tools such as Grammarly or Wordtune to help you spot any typos.

💡 Bonus tip

Click here to receive a free CV template that we have created in Canva for you and start crafting your resume! Good luck :)

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