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5 tips to survive public speaking

April 21, 2023

We know that standing in front of a crowd (or even just your teammates!) can be scary sometimes. But worry not, we've prepared for you these 5 tips to survive public speaking.

1. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Rehearsing is the only proven way to truly get better. Try to rehearse at least 3 times: once to check your content, a second time to get through all of your ideas out loud, and focus your last rehearsal on creating the most similar conditions to your speech (maybe even in the same venue!).

2. Lights, cameras... action!

Every time you go through your speech, you'll probably use different words or sentences to describe your ideas... But try to pay special attention when preparing the first lines of your opening act: this is when your audience will decide if they will pay attention to you! Try starting with an interesting fact or a short story.

3. What if my mind goes blank?

So... what were we talking about? How did we get so off-topic? Having a clear structure will help your audience to know what to expect from your intervention, and for you to not get lost easily through it. Keep a structured plan for your ideas, and your mind will never go blank.

4. "Flagging"

But what happens if people still get lost? They could get a phone alert, an email... Just make it easier for them to go back to your speech: keep saying to them where you are. Try "putting flags" when transitioning in between ideas, using sentences like "so after this first part of our presentation", and "moving on to the X phase"...

5. Closing in high

The closing of a speech is like a strong perfume: whenever you leave the room, you'll leave this scent behind. As well as with the opening act, try to focus on what's the last feeling that you want to leave in your audience. Maybe repeating your main idea as a slogan or inviting them to take action can be a good way to try this tip.

But these are just a few general tips! If you really want to build a compelling speech for your idea, reduce your nerves, or feel more in control the next time you speak in public, don't forget to check our 1:1 Strategic Communications Coaching benefit! As true believers of the positive outcomes that communicating as a leader has, Nova has decided to partner with a trusted coach tohelp you reach your goals.

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