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"Both an art and a science"

This professional development course is a combination of practical and theoretical expert input. Build greater self-knowledge, behaviours and skills that will help you better manage negotiations, conflicts and relationships.

Top level content & professor

James Lockhart, C-level experienced executive, has designed an outstanding curriculum specifically for Nova members. Six live masterclasses to dominate negotiations and a one-to-one coaching session with James.

MBTI and TKI reports

Gain exposure to tools and instruments that are used in high-level executive development including personal Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument reports.

Community learning and group work

A cohort of ambitious Novas with whom you will be working throughout the course, the most powerful way to network. Share your experiences, challenges and take out infinite learnings from the community!

About the fellowship

Acerca del contenido

This negotiation course focuses on developing your skills in the art of managing relations with others.

The amalgamation of practical and academic methodologies and tools will ensure you acquire pragmatic and actionable insights about yourself and others. You will leave this course with an enhanced repertoire of knowledge, exposure to tools and instruments that are used in high-level executive development, and practical insights based on leading practices of global institutions. You will understand conflict and negotiation situations and be able to approach resolutions.

With an exhaustive previous assessment of your profile and personality this course will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

The program includes (390€)

  • Access to a top-quality curriculum: 15 hours of masterclass, group workshops, etc.
  • Professor office hours during the length of the course for any consultation, discussion, etc.
  • Access to the MBTI and KTI reports (worth 100€).
  • A long-lasting community of Novas to share all the learnings with.

Still unsure?

If you want additional information, would like to know if you are a good fit or just want to have a chat don't hesitate to contact us.

¿Tienes dudas?

Si necesitas más información, quieres saber si este programa es para ti o quieres hablar sobre cualquier asunto relacionado no dudes en contactar con nosotros.

Who will you learn from?

Los instructores

James Lockhart

Ex-Director at Merryl Lynch & Barclays

"I have worked on leadership and organizational development in multi-national organizations for over 30 years. I have been an executive at many leading investment banks such as Merryl Lynch, Barclays, Citi Group and Morgan Stanley. In 2007 I established Lockhart Executive Development, with the mission of supporting organizations globally coaching their leaders.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

To be a good fit for the Managerial Negotiations Course, you are probably:

  • Someone with more than 2-3 years of experience who would like to prepare to negotiate with different stakeholders.
  • A manager, lead, or head who is seeking to advance in their negotiation skills.
  • You’re also: Open to seeking guidance to take your negotiations to the next level. Willing to take advantage of the Nova cohort by sharing experiences, challenging assumptions, etc.

What happens if I cannot attend one session?

In the exceptional circumstance where you are unable to attend one of the sessions you will have to communicate Nova prior to the session. The lesson will be recorded and sent to you.

Is there a deadline to apply by?

This program will take place on a rolling basis. To participate in the next cohort you need to enroll before Sept 1st.

Exclusive 20 spots cohort!

Only a few Novas will be able to join this batch. We are working on the second cohort. For now, you can show your interest below! up before it is too late!

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