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Your Sales Skills will Significantly Predict your Business Success

Managers, partners and entrepreneurs are required to sell every day and very often they do it without prior specific training and based on what they have observed in others. However, if your ambition is to become a leader, fast, you need to master the art of sales.

A selective cohort to learn with the top 3% of talent

Conecta con los mejores estudiantes de España

Impara con il 3% dei migliori talenti

Each cohort is built based on the previous experiences, motivation, and unique value that each fellow can bring to the class. You will learn and connect with the best talent.

Nuestro proceso de selección, basado en la experiencia académica, la motivación y las habilidades, asegura que cada edición esté formada por los estudiantes con más potencial.

Ogni gruppo viene creato in base alla motivazione e al valore unico che ogni partecipante può apportare alla classe. Imparerete dai migliori talenti e vi metterete in contatto con loro.

Actionable insights by leading practitioners

Aprende de la mano de los mejores profesionales

Conoscenze pratiche da parte di professionisti riconosciuti

The professors, top sales performers in leading organizations, will provide hands-on knowledge to understand how sales work, how to develop key sales skills and strategies for your career.

A learning experience designed for top performance

Vive una experiencia de aprendizaje única

Un percorso progettato per ottenere il massimo

Sales is not only about strategies and tactics. You will learn directly from deep domain experts with 20+ years of practical experience to improve your negotiation and communication skills.

Beñat Galdós
Co-Founder at Panel Health | Founder of Galde

“This course and the professors gave me insights and important structure on how to talk and negotiate with clients - and also to onboard in the best way the soon-to-be sales team in my company!"

The instructors work at
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About the program

Sobre el programa

Informazioni sul programma

Exclusive 15-student cohort!

The third edition is live! The next cohort will kick-off on Oct 30th, 2023. Sign up before October 17th to secure your spot and boost your career!

What will be covered?

Module 1 | Introduction (Sessions 1-3)

  • Explore the fundamentals of the sales process.
  • Master the art of a compelling pitch.

Module 2 | Optimizing the Sales Funnel & Methodology (Sessions 4-7)

  • Hone your sales skills with hands-on training related to all parts of the sales process - preparation, prospecting, discovery, proposal, and closing.  
  • Discover how to set and achieve ambitious targets with forecasting and KPIs.
  • Acquire all the necessary tools to understand sales strategies.

Module 3 | Your B2B Tech Sales Skills & Career (Sessions 8-13)

  • Improve your sales skills with targeted communication and negotiation coaching.
  • Craft a strong personal brand to reflect your sales expertise on your LinkedIn and CV.
  • Learn how to build and scale a solid sales team.
  • Learn how to handle complex deals and land new partners for your firm.
  • Master the strategies top sales leaders use to achieve success in the fast-paced world of B2B Sales.

What does a program month look like?

An exclusive top talent cohort: step by step selection process

Your path in the program

Tu camino durante el programa

Il tuo percorso nel programma

After 2 weeks in the program

Tras 2 semanas en el programa

Dopo 2 settimane di programma

Halfway through the program

En la mitad del programa

A metà del programma

After finishing the program

Tras completar el programa

Al termine del programma

Who will you learn from?

¿De quién vas a aprender?

Da chi imparerai?

Elisabet Girvent

Head of Sales at Revolut

Head of Sales for Spain, France and Portugal at Revolut leading a team of +200 individuals. Previously worked at LinkedIn for over 4 years as Regional Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal and later took on the challenge as Head of Sales at Criteo. Her professional vision is to empower professionals to do their best at work.

Nicolò Moschi

Account Executive at Google

"I'm an Account Executive at Google Cloud, serving as territory lead for Malta and sales lead for the mid-market Digital Native customers in Italy. I previously worked for 4 years at SAP, as a sales executive for large enterprises in Italy. I joined SAP through a global graduate program named SAP Academy for Sales, a year-long rotational program designed to build foundational business skills for a career in the enterprise software industry. I graduated in business administration at Universita' Bocconi."

James Lockhart

Ex-Director at Merryl Lynch & Barclays

"I have worked on leadership and organizational development in multi-national organizations for over 30 years. I have been an executive at many leading investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Barclays, CitiGroup and Morgan Stanley. In 2007 I established Lockhart Executive Development, with the mission of supporting organizations globally coaching their leaders."

Robert Dykes

Principal Account Manager

As an entrepreneurial and empathic leader with a strong background in business development, sales, and relationship-building, Robert strives to motivate and inspire action in those around him. With over 20 years of experience in customer-facing roles at companies such as Klarna, IBM, Barco, and Business Sweden, he has a proven track record of establishing trust and effectively manage KPIs to drive business growth for himself and his employers. His passion lies in building strong, lasting relationships with his clients, team members, and partners, and is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture. Needless to mention, he is always looking for new opportunities to learn, grow, and make a positive impact.

Dafna Martin Beltran

Senior Enterprise Sales Manager at Adyen

Senior Enterprise Sales Manager. I hold a +15 years background in the Payment Industry which I keep enjoying everyday. Bachelor degree in International Sales & Marketing (UCM & IPAG, Paris) and Business Executive Master (ESIC). Expert on selling Embedded Finance to Corporates and negotiating Partnerships within Industry Key Players. Enthusiastic team player, I am a driven-by-results profile who looks constantly for innovation and new learnings. I hold mentoring and coaching experience with both senior and junior profiles looking to expand and upgrade their experience.

Fellows from previous programs

Participantes de ediciones anteriores

Partecipanti delle edizioni precedenti

Matthieu Crétier
Technical Product Manager at Netlight
Mariano Torrente
Key Account Director at Mastercard
Jakob Broman
Growth at
Julia Maxén
Head of Digital Sales at Tele2

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Am I a good fit for this program?

You should apply if you identify yourself with any of these sentences:

  • I have more than 2 years of working experience and would like to develop my sales skills and learn how sales works at a company
  • I am an entrepreneur, consultant, or aiming to work in the C-suite of a company
  • I am currently a top salesperson and want to level up my skills alongside leading professionals
  • I am motivated to learn from top sales professionals and improve my sales performance while joining a community of top sales performers

*What is the cost of this program?

The B2B Sales for Leaders program is valued at 1,290€, exclusive to Nova members with an active membership. If you are not in this pool, the program enrollment is 1,390€ in which you will also get access to the Nova community and a 1 year free membership.

Are there alternative financing options?

Meritocracy is at the heart of Nova's values and we want to support you to accelerate your career. How will we do this?

  1. If you are unemployed or studying you may be eligible for a success-fee pricing model (we would only charge you if you land your desired job).
  2. You will be able to pay in installments with no interest or additional charges.

What does this program include?

Being part of the B2B Sales for Leaders cohort means you will have access to 1:1 curated connection and networking with the top 3% of talent in sales, mentoring by sales experts and 7-weeks of masterclasses and workshops.

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