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Management Consulting

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Land your desired job at the best consulting firms

Live sessions with first-class teachers, exclusive conversations with recruiters, a top talent learning cohort, and as many mock interviews as you wish. Land your next job as a consultant at your desired firm. Spots for the March '24 edition are filling up quick!

A selective cohort to learn with the top 3% of talent

Conecta con los mejores estudiantes de España

Impara con il 3% dei migliori talenti

Each cohort is built based on the previous experiences, motivation, and unique value that each fellow can bring to the class. You will learn and connect with the best talent.

Nuestro proceso de selección, basado en la experiencia académica, la motivación y las habilidades, asegura que cada edición esté formada por los estudiantes con más potencial.

Ogni gruppo viene creato in base alla motivazione e al valore unico che ogni partecipante può apportare alla classe. Imparerete dai migliori talenti e vi metterete in contatto con loro.

Actionable insights by leading practitioners

Aprende de la mano de los mejores profesionales

Conoscenze pratiche da parte di professionisti riconosciuti

Practice is key for delivering great cases. Be part of a cohort made of students selected based on previous experiences, motivation and value they can bring to the the entire class. Let others challenge you!

A learning experience designed for top performance

Vive una experiencia de aprendizaje única

Un percorso progettato per ottenere il massimo

Meet the consultants that have already made it and the recruiters who own the interview process. Boost relationships that will increase your chances to land your desired job at the best firms.

The instructors work at
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About the program

Sobre el programa

Informazioni sul programma

Program Outline

1:1 mock interviews with senior consultants

Take your learnings to the next level by doing live cases and receiving feedback with more senior Novas who are already working at top-tier firms.

Two included
and book as many extras as you want!

What does a month look like?

Sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm

Get hired now, pay later

We want to help you achieve your goals, that's why you will only pay a small fee upfront. Only when you are recruited you will pay a variable success fee which is a small percentage of your first monthly salary.

What our students have to say

Alberto Lazarov landed the dream job of many enthusiastic young professionals and recent graduates, thanks to his high motivation, effort, passion... And a bit of extra support from a cohort of driven and talented individuals.

Your path in the program

Tu camino durante el programa

Il tuo percorso nel programma

After 2 weeks in the program

Tras 2 semanas en el programa

Dopo 2 settimane di programma

Halfway through the program

En la mitad del programa

A metà del programma

After finishing the program

Tras completar el programa

Al termine del programma

Who will you learn from?

¿De quién vas a aprender?

Da chi imparerai?

Top experts from the leading recruiting firms

Learn from an incredible faculty of senior consultants working (or having worked) at top strategy consulting firms (BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Kearney, etc). Moreover, meet the HR recruiters from these firms who will give you actionable insights to succeed at their process. An amazing team that have interviewed more than 200 candidates will give you the tools, tips and tricks to master the interview/cases and land your desired job!

Fellows from previous programs

Participantes de ediciones anteriores

Partecipanti delle edizioni precedenti

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Payment options

Opciones de pago

Opzioni di pagamento

Upfront + Success Fee

Pago completo

Pagamento completo

From 190€*

See FAQs

Ver FAQs

Vedi le FAQs

Full fixed payment or installments

Pago a plazos

Pagamento a rate

From 590€*

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From 190€*

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Am I a good fit for this program?

You should apply if you identify yourself with any of these sentences:

  • I am a second or last year graduate and I am looking to join a top consulting firm.
  • I have less than 2 years of working experience and I am considering jumping onto a consulting role.

What does this program include?

Being part of the Management Consulting cohort means you will have access to:

20 live sessions with expert consultants from top firms including events with their HR departments, two mock interviews to practice cases and answer your doubts, and a cohort of top-talented fellows to train with.

*What is the cost of this program?

To facilitate an effortless enrollment process, we offer two enrollment options: direct or success-based enrollments.

Direct Enrollment

  • The program has a fixed fee of 590€ for Nova members with an active membership.
  • If you are not in this pool yet, the program has a fixed fee of 690€.

Success-Based Enrollment

  • Begin the program for an upfront fee of 190€ exclusive to Nova members with an active membership.
  • If you are not yet in this pool, the program has an upfront fee of 290€.
  • A success fee, paid if and only if you get hired at a consulting firm. All the details will be sent to you after we receive your application.

[Optional] Extra fee if you want to do more 1:1 mock-up interviews with Novas already working at your target companies. Remember that two are already included with the program!

Got any questions? We're here to help

¿Alguna duda? Te la resolvemos

Domande? Le risolviamo per te

Apply for the Spring 2024 batch for an advanced start on consulting recruiting processes (most take place at the beginning of the 4thQ). Highly recommended to secure your spot as soon as possible! Applications deadline: Feb 23, 2024

Join the waitlist now!

By enrolling early, you will have a guaranteed spot in the cohort and an exclusive benefit. Once officially launched, spots fill up quickly, so don't miss out on this opportunity!