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Head of Talent Agents / Sr. Talent Agent


About Nova 

We are a fast-growing tech startup disrupting the Headhunting Industry. Our mission is to become the agents of the world's 3% most talented individuals: just as sport athletes have an agent, we believe high potentials in business, tech, law or science should have a trusted agent as well who helps them become the best version of themselves. 

We are accomplishing this mission by creating a global community which connects high potential individuals amongst themselves and with the best opportunities through an online platform, disruptive events and programs. The key of Nova is precisely the quality of our members, who have to go through a rigorous selection process before being accepted to the network. 

Our clients include, among others, McKinsey, BCG, P&G, Novartis, Google, Autoliv and Vattenfall. We help them attract and hire top talent faster and more efficiently than other existing solutions. We are now looking for a stellar Sr Talent Agent, a true Nova, who can lead the growth of our Swedish community while engaging with our current members, 3.000 high potential professionals and students living in Sweden. 

As a Sr. Talent Agent in Sweden, you will: 

  • Lead and manage a team of 4 Talent Agents in Sweden
  • Be in touch with the community and become their go-to person when they need professional advice
  • Organize community events for our community in Sweden, leading a team of “City Leaders”
  • Monitor, moderate, curate, and facilitate everything happening in our platform, Nova Connect
  • Work closely with the Project Managers to deliver on events and headhunting projects
  • Work with the rest of the team to develop new products and services, being the voice of the community
  • Expand our community from 3.000 to +5.000 in the next 2 years
  • Do anything else the day to day requires, as in a startup and we have new things to learn and do every day

As the ideal candidate, you have: 

  • Skills and abilities to become a Nova member (if you are not one already) 
  • 4-8 years of experience- we don’t care about the sector, as long as you have a people focus. Experience in HR or psychology is highly valued
  • Strong communication skills- you must be able to effectively communicate Nova’s message to our members. You are a natural networker that can engage people in an effective dialogue, both orally and in writing
  • Adaptability- since you will be wearing many hats: you are a headhunter, a PR person, a marketer
  • Attention to detail- it is vital that you are able to understand nuances and that you don’t miss out on details so candidates and members have the best experience possible 
  • Passion for people- you love being surrounded by people and you are able to coach and help them grow
  • Critical eye- you will be working with our selection process - this means that, even if you haven’t done selection before, you are able to distinguish great from the good 
  • Authenticity- you being authentic and showing who you are is the key to building trust with our members. You will be our eyes and ears and create deep, personal relationships with the best talent in Sweden
  • Foster a positive culture- we like having fun and enjoy working with each other. You must be willing to come with that same energy and positive attitude every day and transmit that to the community
  • Experience planning and leading community initiatives/events (for example, with a university association)
  • Fluency in English and Swedish 

What we offer: 

  • Network with high potential individuals and become their go-to person in your everyday job
  • Innovate by designing and creating new events, new products and new services 
  • Disrupt an industry with tech and data-oriented solutions 
  • Work in amazing co-working spaces in the city center with flexible working conditions
  • Learn and develop with a super talented global team of Novas 
  • Competitive salary and bonus
  • Global career opportunities as the company grows

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