Are you a Nova?

If you qualify as a Nova member, you'll get access to a trusted global network, unique career and development opportunities and to a dedicated Talent Agent who will help you reach your full potential.

Manu Echanove
Industry Manager
"Nova is all about discovering new people, new areas of knowledge and new career milestones."
Delia Rodríguez
MPA Candidate
"Brilliant professionals, stimulating events, and profound friendships. It changed my life."
José Vicente Ruiz
Co-founder and CTO
"Looking forward meeting and interacting with ambitious and talented people? Then Nova is for you."
María Cuevas
Product Manager
"What I like the most about the Nova Community is the give and take relationship between its members."
Ignacio Moreno
"What the brightest people I've met have in common is Nova. It's a career-shaping opportunity."
Vanesa Fernández
Customer Engagement Partner
"Nova is distinctive because of the way you can detect opportunities for personal and professional growth."
Isak Nylén
"When I was looking for an internship this spring I got a lot of valuable help from the Nova network."
Carmen Ovies
Corporate Financial Controller
"Curiosity and effort are a sure path toward success, and Nova is the perfect arena for improving both."
Manu Echanove
Industry Manager
"Nova is all about discovering new people, new areas of knowledge and new career milestones."

Find your path and all you need to lead a better world

In Nova, members have found co-founders, investors for their ventures, their next exciting career opportunity, a mentor or friends for life. How will Nova help you reach your full potential?


Go beyond your circle and access a trusted global network of high potentials from various industries and backgrounds.


Access events, programs and curated content designed to boost your professional development.


With the help of your Talent Agent, plan your career and access curated jobs from the world’s leading organizations.


Go beyond your circle

Get matched with Novas from different fields of expertise who can impact your future.

Access a global network of 17.000+ pre-vetted members living across 86 countries.

Find potential partners, investors, employees, employers and, why not, friends.

Nicoline Holst
Design Lead at Applify
Robert L. Whitfield
Sales Developer at Nike
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Area Manager at Zara
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James Lockhart
Director at Lockhart Executive Dev.
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Capture your full potential

Learn from exclusive courses, curated content or directly from global CEOs and changemakers.

Attend inspiring events and insightful sessions hosted by both members and industry experts.

Develop personally and professionally through tailored programs such as the Nova Mentoring.


You need a Talent Agent

Be assigned to a trusted agent who proactively helps you achieve your professional goals.

Get matched to opportunities who are right for you based on your preferences and needs.

Use the power of data to better navigate your career and discover where to head next.

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A network for a lifetime

Regardless of the life stage you are in, Nova is the global top talent network where our members find all they need throughout
their entire life and career.

Every time you are starting off...

Whether you need to negotiate a promotion or a salary, decide on which skills to learn or simply connect with the right person. Nova will be there for you.

When you have a clear destination...

Nova will help you on your way to get there. How to negotiate a promotion or a salary, decide on which skills to learn or simply connecting with exactly that one person who can get you there faster. You can count on us.

When it's time to take a step back...

Nova is that trusted space you need when reconsidering your life's priorities and exploring new paths. Whether it's a sabbatical, a parental leave or professional doubt, we will be there for you helping you find out the right direction. We are one message away.

Regardless of your life's stage...

In Nova, the more you give, the more you get. From accessing the world’s most selective employers or the best educational programs to contributing to social impact projects, you'll find all you need to become to the best version of yourself. You are in the driver's seat with a Talent Agent always by your side.

How to become member

Great people know great people. Therefore, in order to build and maintain a trusted global network based on merit, Nova is by-invitation-only and all nominated candidates must qualify via a thorough selection process to earn their membership.


Earn a nomination

Find a Nova in your network who is willing to invest one of their nominations on you. Having a hard time finding it? Let us know.

Apply to Nova

We guide you through an assessment process where we evaluate your abilities, experience, and motivation.

Did you make it?

If admitted, you become an official Nova member and you will start to connect, develop and accelerate.

Are you a Nova?

Nova is by-invitation-only. If you don't know any member yet and you think you have what it takes to belong to the network, just prove it.