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Feb 21st, 2023

Web3 and Blockchain will soon change your industry

And you can either be ready or be late. As a top talent, you should feel comfortable with Blockchain and Web3 technologies, and learn how to use them to solve business and world challenges. Stay on top of the trends, work on a real-life project and engage in meaningful discussions.

A selective cohort to learn with the top 3% of talent

The cohort will be made of students selected based on previous experiences, motivation, and value they can bring to the entire class. You will learn and build relationships with top talented peers.

Actionable insights by leading practitioners

Web3 and Blockchain expert professors will provide hands-on knowledge on understanding this growing industry, see how you can use these technologies in your own firms, and anticipate future opportunities.

A learning experience designed for top performance

Succeeding in Blockchain and Web3 is not only about having the proper knowledge. You will dive deeper into the theory with business cases, have a fellowship project to apply the learnings, and engage in discussions with other fellows.

About the fellowship

Acerca del contenido

Project throughout modules: Nova as a decentralised community

Module 1 | Understanding Blockchain (Recorded Pills & Discussions)

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Use Cases of Blockchain:
  • Crypto: Use more theory maybe expand on it (optional)
  • Bitcoin: bitcoin (asset) vs Bitcoin (network)
  • Smart Contract Platform: Ethereum + ETH
  • ERC20 - Fungible Tokens
  • Tokens
  • Stablecoins
  • Wrapped Native Tokens
  • NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)

Module 2 | Blockchain in action: DeFi and Web3 (in the real world) (Business Cases & Discussions)

  • Web1.0 (Read) vs. Web2.0 (Read & Write) vs. Web3 (Read & Write & Own): What is it? What’s the promise of Web3? Why is it key in Web3?
  • DeFi: What is it? What’s the promise of DeFi? Why is decentralisation key in DeFi? Existing Cases: successes and failures
  • DAOs: What is it? What’s the promise of Web3/DAOs? Why is decentralisation key in Web3/DAOs? Existing Cases: successes and failures
  • Gaming: What is it? What’s the promise of Gaming Web3? Why is decentralisation key in Gaming Web3? Existing Cases: successes and failures
  • Art: What is it? What’s the promise of Web3/Art? Why is decentralisation key in Web3/Art? Existing Cases: successes and failures

Module 3 | Web3 & Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges and the Future (Debates, discussions, Think Tanks, etc…)

  • Opportunities & Challenges: Debunking the myths | Regulation, Adoption, Energy Consumption, Scamming & Swindling, Scaling: can these technologies work at scale?
  • The Future of Web3 & Blockchain: What are the trends? Where is the industry heading? What are the possibilities for the future?

Module 4 | Your career in Web3 and Blockchain (Workshops & Practice)

  • Types of companies & roles
  • Personal Branding & learning the industry
  • How to network in the industry and meet the right people?
  • How to stay on top of trends & information: as it’s an everchanging industry
  • Interviewing: What do you need to know & show?

Still unsure?

If you want additional information, would like to know if you are a good fit or just want to have a chat don't hesitate to contact us.

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Who will you learn from?

Los instructores

Juan Montero

Founder at Fence

Juan has a double degree in industrial engineering from ICAI (Madrid) and Supélec (Paris). He joined Strategy& after his MSc in Industrial Engineering and lead product at Neboola Venture Builder and Revel. He started working in DeFi in 2020, where he has built smart contracts and protocols for top-tier DAOs. He is now building Fence, to let real world businesses and capital providers enjoy the benefits of blockchain when structuring and maintaining asset-backed debt facilities

Jakob Broman

Mentor at Stanford Blockchain Accelerator

Jakobs first venture grew 2k USD into 22k USD in 8h, since then he has been in various growth roles in a few VC backed startups. Most recently Depict (YCS20). After Depict he helped to launch Dework which is an blockchain based version of Trello. Jakob is a mentor at Stanford Blockchain Accelerator but also has a “web2” job at the Okta, a San Francisco based Sequoia backed security company with over 17k clients world wide.

Nacho Rosario

Head of On-chain Engineering at Fence

Ignacio has a double degree in industrial engineering from ICAI (Madrid) and Supélec (Paris), he joined Mckinsey & Company in 2016 focusing on Digital and Advanced Analytics transformations across different industries and geographies. He joined the DeFi space in 2021 and has been developing Smart Contracts for top tier protocols since then, as well as launching a blockchain-based platform to launch and operate asset-backed debt facilities.

Rodri Fernández Touza

Co-Founder at Crossmint

Building NFT infrastructure at Crossmint. Engineer. Stanford MBA. Harvard dropout. Lived in 10 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America I am passionate about adventure and have a Guinness World Record for my travels, which include retreating to temples of several religions across the world, living homeless in London for 36 days, crossing half the Korean peninsula walking without money, motorbiking solo across remote Asia, or spending a summer in the outskirts of Lagos. Into zen practice, analytical psychology, deep technical topics, space, playing the guitar, and reading broadly.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I a good fit for this program?

You should apply if you identify yourself with any of these sentences:

  • I am interested in becoming knowledgeable about Web3/Blockchain
  • I want to find a community of like-minded people with whom to discuss about these topics
  • I want to challenge the status quo and think about all the possibilities that Web3 and Blockchain can bring to the world
  • I want to promote these new technologies in my company and make them actionable

What is the cost of this fellowship?

The Web3 Fellowship is valued at 1,290€. Meritocracy is at the heart of Nova's values and we want to support you to accelerate your career! How will we do this?

  1. If you are unemployed or studying you may be eligible for a success-fee pricing model (we would only charge you when you land your job).
  2. You will be able to pay in installments with no interest or additional charges.

What does this fellowship include?

Being part of the Web3 cohort means you will have access to 12 weeks of masterclasses and workshops to understand and break onto this complex but demanded industry; 1:1 curated connections and group networking with the top 3% of talent interested in Web3 and Blockchain Technologies, access to Nebula's personal branding course and a 50% discount on the Premium Talent Agent with whom you could design your career plan, get support with your professional and personal challenges and target your areas for improvements in an effective way.

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